Joyce Fertility Support Center

Joyce Fertility Support Center Uganda

Empowering Patients to become full partners in ART Health Care

The Work Of JFSCU

The Work Of JFSCU

Recruited patients.Provided them with Information on the causes and treatments of Infertility
Offered counselling to patients by carefully listening to their stories.We formed a patient to patient network for sharing.
Prepared monthly meetings for members.
Invited a doctor to speak to them at the centre.Dr. Prakash Patel(Fertility Endoscopy Clinic) was very helpful.
Mr.Kiyimba Kagwa of Ebenezer clinical laboratory Bombo Road was very supportive.
We kept the patients on hope that the doctor for Assisted Reproduction would arrive soon from abroad and offer treatment.
We placed the nurses.Took records of the history of their reproductive lives.
We trained ourselves on reading the ovulation cycle.Rita had an exposure from the many books she read,how to target the most fertile days in the menstrual cycle.Some patients succeeded with that.
We advised them on a nutritional factor balanced diet,overcoming stress and depression which Rita had trained for at the child Manchester UK conference in 2000.
We proposed some membership subscriptions of 20000 a year per couple but voluntarily.
We provided copies of our JFSCU bronchures and other bronchures donated by Resolve USA,Ms. Diane Aranson.2001 child UK by Ms.Clare Brown from 1998 on wards.
Members shared different options for parenting such as adoption fostering and we refered them to adoption baby homes within Kampala.
Those who felt empowered could volunteer to speak to the media and share their stories.They participated in charity walks with a brass band.All this was to help break the silence.

Joyce Fertility Support Centre Uganda

Contact Person: Rita Sembuya (Founder and CEO)
Office: 32 Windsor Crescent Kololo
Kampala Central
146 Semawata Ntinda Nakawa Division
P.O Box 28095 Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256-41-345 366
Mobile: +256 (0) 774 100 873