Joyce Fertility Support Center

Joyce Fertility Support Center

Empowering Patients to become full partners in ART Health Care


Ms Enid Nambuya,Lawyer facilitates JFSCU members on Social Security for childless women workshop promoted by Ashoka Innovators for the public


Services and Projects are intertwined,through services,we have yielded Projects.
Provide information on the causes and treatments of infertility.Those that are provided by professional practitioners in medical practices.
Provide counselling services-Psycho Social Support for those going through infertility and related reproductive problems.
Provide Knowledge about existing services for infertility treatments in Uganda and Kenya.
Offer Support and training for those who want to start a support group in their community.
Provide Support and training to hospitals and institutions of learning for community engagements “Support Supervision Modal”
Support group development.Creating community support groups for health
Infertility Problems awareness.Infertility Problems treatments awareness.
Infertility news-Infertility and of Reproductive 111 health Service.
Provide information to researchers on the status quo.Infertility Maternal health.
Support groups meetings:One to one talk for members,telephone call for counselling,sharing life history of infertility,seeking advise on treatment options,sharing success stories, and quarterly magazine news.