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Maternal Health

Celebrating the Global Award-Global Patient Leader of the year 2007 Rita Sembuya

Maternal Health

We had a paradigm shift. We had registered successes in ART advancement.Successful births,new hospitals and new technologies.
IFFS Meeting in Kampala 2010 Presentations.
Prof. Ian Cook
Sandra K. Dill
Petra Thorn
Two Doctors from South Africa.
Maternal Health
In this project,we applied our experiences in infertility awareness and management and incorporated it into Maternal difficulties.
We used mobilities-Tubal discase as a cause of Ectopic pregnancy.Miscarriage as a case between fertility and Infertility.
Secondary Infertility as a case between fertility and infertility.
Fibroids as an impourment to successful implantation and a risk factor for pregnancy.
Male factor with poor quality sperms can be a cause for miscarriages.
With this background,we joined the maternal health program,worked in mayuge district.It was a very successful project.