Joyce Fertility Support Center

Joyce Fertility Support Center

Empowering Patients to become full partners in ART Health Care


Diana,Princess of Wales Supported the Cause

Exhibitions For Awareness of the Infertility Problem

The Launch Progressed with a five day awareness week 25th to 31st August.
There was a fundraising activity,members had made textile materials for sale.
Mr Mafabi displayed a DONA fertility testing kit.

Diana a world humanitarian supported the infertility cause

We recognised one of the most famous humanitarian,Diana,the princess of wales.The week commemorated the 4th year since her passing on.31st August 2001.Among the charities that Diana,Princess of wales associated with,there was infertility treatment.In the United Kingdom at St.George Hospital,we find the "Diana Princess of Wales Infertility Clinic" View.She was a young and very devoted mother who identified with childless families.Her anniversary concided with the Launch of the Joyce Fertility Support Centre.

The Exhibition of the first public awarness

It was a charitable walk,Joyce Founders and members had the brass band and the police that guided us on road directions.
We convened at the Indian Centre called Samaj Patidah on Buganda Road,talks were delivered by:
Sembuya Rita
Dr. Prakash Patel:Fertility Endoscope
Mr. Kiyimba Kagwa:Ebenezer Clinical laboratory
Ruth Kawesa:The role of the media in informing the public.
Gender Issues in infertility by Joreme Tumwette.
Sobar Loyals:A youth drama musk group had a skit on family life.
There was a media address:Materials were Bronchures,Posters,and Banners.The occassion was to mark the global infertility week,June 2002.
On this occassion,Doctors recognised our work,Mukono bookshop donated to us 2000 bronchures for awareness.
Soon after this function,Rita was nominated for Ashoka fellowship by Dr. Prakash Patel.Rita was invited by the international consumer support for infertility(ICSI) to attend its global conference in Austria Kopenhagen.On the same occassion,Rita was invited by IFIPA,International federation of infertility patients associations,Clare Brown UK.It is the same Clare Brown who invited Rita for the child conference in Manchester UK in 2000.
This exposure from Rita's home village Kololo to Austria and United Kingdom marked the beginning of a long journey of global connections in the world of infertility management.

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Rita,Prof Kigondu,Ruth Kaweesa

Excursion Program for visiting Doctors in a Banana Garden at Kololo.Dr.David Soricino-Israel,Dr.Patique Parker-Nairobi Kenya,Cleophus Kyama from Belgium.

The Public awareness at the city square Kampala on Kampala road 2003 to mark world infertility month June 2003

This was an infertility awareness day,a connection to share with the doctors away from their hospital enclosures.
This activity answers the JFSCU objective of building partnerships with medical providers,patients doctor relations.The role of the media was also well highlighted.


The workshop was held by ministry of health,the Kampala Gynaecology and the Joyce Fertility Support Centre.
Dr. Baryomunsi:Minister of Health by then attended,Dr. Margret Mungherera,Dr. Mbisirikire Kitamirike,Dr. Tamale Sali,Prof. Peter Platue visiting doctor,all attented the workshop.
There were nurses,midwives and young doctors,this workshop was held at Equatorial Hotel Kampala and it marked the introduction of IVF,Invitro fertilization and Embryo transfer in Uganda,Joyces's achievement in advocating for ART in Uganda.

Visiting Experts at Joyce Fertility Support Centre Uganda

Prof. Kigondu from Nairobi University visited JFSCU,We were very obliged and a year after her visit,we were introduced to a patient Sarah Muthange who started Hope Fertility Support Centre Kenya.Through the same connections,we were introduced to Dr.Norel of Nairobi IVF Centre.Dr. Sali and Dr. Norel worked together to improve IVF services in their centres.Today,20 years later,both centres are providing excellent services for the couples faced with Infertility.

Mr Shumuric from Israel,an investor in health services visits Joyce Fertility Support Centre

Investment in Health

A Visitor from Israel.
The Chen Patients' Association in Israel headed by Ms. Ofra Balaban introduced Mr.Shumuk who visited our centre.We convened a workshop and invited Health Professionals to share expertise with the investor.The talk was based on investment in ART,Advanced Reproductive Technologies.He was also introduced to the Uganda Investment Authority.This activity was in response to advocating for advanced technologies in the treatment of infertility.This was the second initiative after the initiation of the first hospital.

The work with Ashoka Innovators for the public

Rita Sembuya was nominated to Ashoka fellowship in 2002,after a very rigorous process of interviews,what Ashoka was looking for in Rita's Innovation:
The new original idea.
Level of creativity.
The Strategy.
The Social impact of the innovation and overall ethical fibre of the project.
We can put the the Joyce Fertility Support Centre on the scale for measurement in this period of 20 years,2000 - 2020.
Boosted the fellow through a stipend.Ashoka provided a platform for like minded persons who are all bulging with new ideas.
Ashoka directs the way and pauses critical questions as to which direction a fellow is moving,the project becomes measurable.
Ashoka exemplies restless people with motivation.Ashoka is a change maker entity.

Active with Ashoka

Collaborations with Ashoka fellow Betty Christiana-Zimbabwe Infertility awareness.
Collaborations with Ashoka fellow Irene Mutumba.Youth Engagements.
Sits on the Board of PLA-Human resource committee.(Platform for labour Action)
Served on the board of PEDN-Private Education Development Network.
Served on board of Conservation through Public Health.CTPH.
Among the 12 initiatives that show cased in the world skoll forum-2004 Manchester UK.
Attended the Ashoka African Summit in Nigeria-Lagos.

Ashoka Summit:Rita Sembuya and Irene Mutumba in Lagos Nigeria

Rita and Betty in Zimbabwe