Joyce Fertility Support Center

Joyce Fertility Support Center

Empowering Patients to become full partners in ART Health Care

Low Cost IVF in Uganda meeting.Convened by JFSCU and Mulago Department of Reproductive Health.IFFS 25th - 26th Jan 2010.

1st IVF workshop Equatorial Hotel Kampala

Conferences:25th - 26th Jan 2010 In the 10th year of the Joyce Fertility Support Centre Anniversary,IVF had been introduced.The first IVF baby had been born at Kampala Gynaecology and Fertility Centre.All the Patients were looking at the new technologies to achieve children. JFSCU had built very functional networks with the entire world.These included iCSi,The International Consumer Support for Infertility,Ms.Sandra K. Dill,Ms.Petra Thorn. Eshre:The European Society for human reproduction and embryology.This is a global forum for scientists,social scientists,Anthropologists,psychologists patients advocates and the fourth estates. It also invited pharmaceutical companies to share basic research,applied research and medical equipment and drugs innovations. Due to this extraordinary work,Rita was identified by the Head of Education of the International Federation of fertility societies.(IFFS),this is Prof.Emeritus Ian Cook of shefield University England. Prof.Ian Cook in collaboration with JFSCU visited Uganda and IFFS convened its 1st IFFS meeting on low cost IVF for the developing countries. This meeting was as a result of JFSCU’s advocacy on high cost of IVF treatments,the poor families could not afford $4000-10000 of IVF treatment that was the initial cost in Uganda.

The Joyce Fertility Support Centre on this occasion of IFFS Kampala unfolded a new project. “The Fertility Society of Uganda”.As founders,they proposed as a highlight of this event to call the Doctors Fraternity on board as a partnership. The major objective of the fertility society of Uganda was to have the patients voice in the medical interventions. Prof.Ian Cook was thrilled by the Innovation of the patients.He is very supportive in the work of JFSCU. Ms. Sandra K Dill,the Global Patients’leader from ICSI is a Board advisor,Ms.Petra Thorn from ICSI-Based in Germany is the Psychologists advisor,Rita D. Sembuya is the Uganda African Patients advocate. Joyce Fertility Support Centre embarked on advocating for the low cost Advanced reproductive technology ART to be initiated at Mulago National Referal Hospital and then spread to all the regional and district hospitals in the country Uganda. They engaged with the reproductive department under Dr. Byamugisha,Dr.Kakaire,Dr. Lule,these were very supportive in accepting the idea. On the positive side today,we have the Mulago low cost IVF hospital.We thank the government of Uganda for embracing the cause of infertility and other reproductive difficulties.