Joyce Fertility Support Center

Joyce Fertility Support Center

Empowering Patients to become full partners in ART Health Care


Celebrating 20 years of the Joyce Fertility Support Centre Uganda 2001-2021

The Joyce Fertility Support Centre is a Non Profit Citizen Organization Reg. # S.5914/3444.The founding of the organization in 1998 was a call to address major gaps in Reproductive Health that could not allow full participation of communities. The Communities` are found to be “passive recipients” of health services leading to various unfulfilled expectations. Joyce Fertility Support Centre was founded by a patient, (Rita Sembuya Namusisi) after along time of going through infertility. Joyce is a name of a dream child who exists in anticipation. A common expectation of all couples going through infertility.

It was a time of Critical Innovation,a powerful breaking of the silence.It has been an interactive Contact with the fourth estate;News Papers,radio, and Television.It is a partnership with the medical Community,Civil Society advocates and the government at large,Patients and the families placed at the front.
Twenty years of the Joyce Fertility Support Centre has changed the face of infertility in the local,here in Uganda and the international community.This platform tells the story.

The Lauch of the Joyce Fertilty Support Centre

Legal Registration was marked on 1st April 2001,by the Non Government Organisation Board(NGO Board).This was followed by a mass of media out pouring of news.The Centre was situated at the Sembuya's home."Our gate and home was open to the community.It was a moment of sharing,writing stories and paving for a way forward.A Critical mass was born"
The lauch was held at Athina Club House Kololo 30 windsor crescent kololo.
It was officiated by Dr.Margret Mungherera(RIP),attended by Dr. Florence Andabati,Dr. Mbisirikire Kitamirike and all families that had joined the cause were all united with the Sembuya family.

The Prayer

There was a profound hush in the room where we all gathered for the launch of Joyce Fertility Support Centre.Mrs Ntege a personality dedicated to God Almighty prayed.She thanked the Lord,she picked her sermon from the book of Ezekiel chapter 37,she said that God is capable of doing extraordinary things.
"In his vision,the prophet Ezekiel sees himself standing in the valley full of dry bones,Then God reveals the bones to the prophet as the people of Israel in exile and God commands the prophet to carry another Prophancy in order to revitalize these human figures to resurrect them and bring them to the land of Israel."
Mrs.Ntege prophesised that from Joyce Fertility Support Centre,many children will be born,many childless couples who visit the Joyce Fertility Support Centre with Barren wombs shall give birth to children.Back to you,are you part of this prophency?.

Dr. Mungherera Margret was happy to officiate on this noble cause,this was the beginning of the partnership between community and health providers in the issues of infertility.
As the prophecy of Prophet Ezekiel goes,the Joyce members had no Doctor,many of them including the founder of JFSCU had regrets with the doctors that had treated them for many years,we all need a new touch,new technology,we had heard about the Advanced Reproductive Technologies(ART),those who need such treatments could only fly out to foreign countries,this looked impossible for the ordinary,vulnerable Ugandan Couple.
One day,through sharing and collaborating,Rita,the founder met with Ashoka Fellow,Mrs.Irene Mutumba who was very interested in Rita's work and they talked about the difficulties of access to quality Infertility treatment for the Joyce members,in a few weeks time,Mrs. Irene Mutumba proposed to introduce a Doctor that she knew very well,the Doctor she said seemed to talk about infertility and its treatments,she promised that there was chance that the Doctor would visit Uganda,so we lingered on that promise and one day,the promise came to pass.The doctor met with Rita and she was thrilled to share her story and work.This was one week before the launch of JFSCU.With profound hope,Rita's speech at the lauch gave information that a new Doctor specialised in Advanced treatments for Infertility treatment shall visit the centre.Following on prophet Ezekiels prophency,the doctor arrived at the centre in 2003,two and half years after meeting with Rita in Uganda.


There was a mass of patients at our home,we laid a reception,an examination room and the diagonosises were carried out,patients who required surgical operations before and as part of infertility treatment were worked on,the Centre through Mrs. Irene Mutumba collaborated with Prof Henry Kasozi whose hospital kadic had a suitable theatre,30 women were operated for myomectomies,tubal repairs,hormonal inbalances with drug therapies were administered.Rita,the founder was among those patients and the story continues 20 years after.The prophancy of prophet Ezekiel through Mrs.Ntege's prayer had started.
The Joyce's story is based on the prophancy of prophet Ezekiel chapter 37.The dry bones coming back to life.

Exhibition of a fertility testing Equipment

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